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What areas do you serve?

We primarily serve Residential Homeowners and Realtors who are looking to make changes to, or understand a problem at their property. We also can perform a full Home Inspection to assess the value of a home and any possible future costs for new or potential home owners. We also have experience in the Commercial sector as well.

Can I Remove A Load Bearing Wall?

With the correct header and columns installed to distribute the loads to the foundation, any load bearing wall can be opened up to create a more open space for your property. Contact us today for free 15-minute consultation to get started.

Why Are My Floors Sloping?

Oftentimes with older houses the wood timber girder can sag over time. This can be annoying to look at and walk over day to day. Contact us now for a free 15-minute consultation of how we can fix this issue for you.

There Are Cracks In My Wall, Is That Bad?

Cracks are the initial indicator that something is wrong with the house. Either from settlement, poor craftsmanship, or inadequate lateral load. Contact us today for your free 15-minute consultation do address these cracks immediately.

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