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Hello! I've been a Structural Engineer since I graduated from UB in 2008. I work hard to provide efficient and safe solutions to my clients for the most cost-effective result. Whether it is removing a load bearing wall, adding an addition, designing an entirely new house, or just to ask a question of concern: I'm here to put your mind at ease. This is why I strive to make sure my work reflects such high standards.

(Humble Brag: I only have 5-star reviews on Google. Your project isn't complete until it's perfect)

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About Us

Who We Are

Sweet Dreams Engineering has been expanding its engineering and Real Estate services since its establishment in 2008. Our aim has always been to provide clarity and solutions to any of your structural concerns or questions. For each project, we work carefully to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients and their needs. Our specialty is wood or steel framed structures, concrete or masonry foundations, and projects ranging in sizes from a single wall, to 10,000 sq. ft. new builds. And anything in between. Our expertise knows no limit, which we provide to you for the lowest cost.

Our Services

Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

Engineering Consulting

Call us now for a free 15-minute consultation! We'll answer any questions you have completely free of charge to you. We would love to help you with any Structural concerns you have about a property and give you a peace of mind as to what your next steps will be.

Blueprint Design

Site Inspections

Sweet Dreams Engineering provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across industries. Through in-person or virtual site inspections, we can obtain the information we need to assess the structural needs of your project.


Structural Designing and Drawings

Providing Structural Designing is vital to maintaining safety in most projects we undertake at Sweet Dreams Engineering. Whether a project is in the Residential or Commercial sector, Structural Designing is important in order to ensure that all engineering projects completed by our Structural Engineering Firm are safe, stable, and built to last under budget. We can also provide any construction drawings you may need for Permit, Bid, or Construction. We can also show you your project in 3D using the software combination of Revit and Enscape and the Unreal Engine to show you what your finished project will look like.

Structural Designing

Real Estate Salesperson (Residential / Commercial)

Looking to buy or sell a house or property, but frustrated that you have to waive the inspection to make the offer competitive?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could look at a property with a Home Inspector and Structural Engineer and a Realtor?

You can! One of our licensed Professional Engineers also has his Home Inspector License and Real Estate Sales Person License, as well as 15 years of Structural Engineering and Construction Experience, and 12 years of Real Estate experience with over 100 successful closings.

Contact us today for a free verbal consultation on how you can navigate a competitive market with peace of mind.


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